Thursday, September 10, 2009

New projects to come!

Hello, my faithful readers (and shoppers)!

I apologize for not blogging more, and especially for neglecting to list the items I promised in my store by September 1st. Life happened, and realistically, I just have not had much free time on my hands to work in the shop.

However, that will change this weekend. :) So stay tuned, as I'll have at least two items up on Saturday.

Also, I'm hoping to host my first giveaway next week! YAY!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Long to short

Well, I am feeling quite uneasy this morning.

I had a goal to get 9 more items into my shop by today, and's just not going to happen. :( I was very busy the last couple of weeks with life in general, and I just didn't make time for the shop like I should have. I suppose I could finish up some projects tonight and attempt to put them online for you all, but I'm trying not to be set on it.

Basically, my long-term goals are screaming to change to short-term. Ready, set, here we go: 5 new items in my shop plus a giveaway by this Saturday, September 5th. :) How's that sound?