Thursday, December 1, 2011

Signature Fudge - The Perfect Gift

Hiya, fans!

If you've been watching the shop closely, you've no doubt seen the Signature Fudge of 4 different varieties that has been listed in recent days.

If not, please, take a look here, and be sure to click the captions below each picture to take you to the shop to get a better look at it! (Just don't drool on your keyboard). These are all available in 1/2 lb. loaves as well.

Signature Classic Fudge - 1 lb.

Signature Chocolate Mint Fudge - 1 lb.

Signature Rocky Road Fudge - 1 lb.
Signature Butterscotch Fudge - 1lb.
Signature Butterscotch Fudge - 1 lb.