Saturday, November 6, 2010

3 more necklaces now available!

 Well, I've got 3 new additions to the shop! :)

On the left - the Caroline Necklace.
To the right - the Dorothy Necklace, named for my Grandma Brown & Robert's Grandma Crombie.

And last but not least...the Lorelai. :)

To get 20% off of any one of these three pieces, repost the link to this blog, and then be the first to respond to this post with the following in your comment:

1) Tell me why you think I named the necklace "Lorelai."
2) Tell me where you reposted the link to this blog. :)
3) Try to guess what you think the next item posted will be!

Have fun!


  1. 1)Didn't Lorelai from Gilmore girls like Dragonflies. And her inn is called the Dragonfly inn. You love Gilmore Girls...
    2) Facebook
    3) Holiday Pillows

  2. Melody -

    YES, that is why I named the necklace "Lorelai!"
    I saw you reposted on FB, thank you! And we'll wait and see about #3!

    Enjoy 20% off of any of these three necklaces, Melody!

  3. *UPDATE* The Lorelai necklace in opaque is currently sold out. However, the Lorelai necklace in iridescent is currently available for sale!