Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Christmas tree decorations, and a new necklace

 Yes, Essential Charm fans, I heard your requests, and have some new Christmas Tree Bulbs available for purchase!

The first one pictured is the snowflake duo in blue.
 The second one is the snowflake duo in green.
And the latest necklace is the Pearl of My Heart necklace.

If you want to earn 20% off of any one of these items, share the link to any of the three items with 3 friends, and then comment on this blog with the following:

1) Your name.
2) Tell me where you shared the link, and to whom you shared.
3) Post a blog, tweet, or Facebook link to this blog post or any of the three items, and tell me where you posted.
4) Tell me which item is your favorite of these three.


*This is open to anyone, and there is only one comment per person for 20% off any one of the three items listed above. No time limit. :)*

1 comment:

  1. I shared your link on facebook Kimi. I sent a message to 2 of my best friends back home and my mom on facebook and put the link to these items in it.

    You know I love the snowflakes, but I can't help it the pearl of my heart necklace is by far my favorite!

    You make such beautiful accessories and jewelry Kimi!