Friday, November 19, 2010

Meet Caddy, Spencer and Aria 2

 Heads-up, Essential Charm fans! I've got 3 new items available today.
 The first is the Aria 2, for the Aria necklace fans. It's very similar to the Aria, but has some subtle differences. Available here.
I also made some horse shoe earrings in honor of a very special horse, Caddy. Available here.

And the Spencer necklace! Available here.

To earn 20% off any one of these three items, please share a link to this post, or any of the three items in the shop, and then do the following:
1) Your name.
2) Tell me where you shared the link, and to whom you shared.
3) Post a blog, tweet, or Facebook link to this blog post or any of the three items, and tell me where you posted.
4) Tell me which item is your favorite of these three.

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